Friday, 22 October 2010

The map and the territory

Completed the MN2X files structure cartography that's an important step (although i may have wrongly interpreted a few values I'll fix that as I'll uncover the ways they're used thorough the program).

I found several discrepancies between the manual and the actual code which confused me at first about the nature & use of the monsters data (as i was blindly thrusting the code), like spells not really acting according to the book, for example it would be more logical that CONFUSION should be acting on monsters' "Magic User" and "Accuracy" attributes, BINDING on "Dexterity" and WEAKNESS on "Physical damages booster" which wasn't the case in the original program.

Also DISPELL UNDEAD seems to be partially wrong as i don't think it acts on zombies creatures (dunno if there's a way in the game code to recognize those).

And I don't know yet if the friendliness value have to be cleared before each encounter or not.

I consider those to be bugs from the program that would need to be addressed during the porting process.

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