Wednesday, 20 October 2010



I opened this blog to use it as a development journal for a port to the Amiga CD32 consoles platform of the role playing game Phantasie II which had never been available for Amiga or even PC (while episode I & III were), the console itself only had maybe 4 or 5 Role Playing Games ported or made for it, this would even be (as far as i know) the first homebrew game ever made for that platform.
I started some days ago, basing my port on the Atari ST (for the gfx & sound) and the Apple II (for the code) versions.

So far, i've extracted all the gfx from the ST version and started a decoding/analysis the Apple II source code and the structure of the data files (i'm using the Apple ones with some spelling corrections taken from the ST)

I intend to rewrite the engine in C (so maybe, if the occasion arises it could be ported to other platforms) and to improve it from the ST version in every way (i don't like the menu driven interface to begin with), ultimately i'd like it to be a bit more console rpg like but i haven't really decided anything about that.

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