Saturday, 23 October 2010

Where do we go from here ?

Made some decoding today and since i mapped the biggest parts of the program I started a framework for the Amiga version, currently it can open & display IFF files and perform most graphic operations like displaying objects or text, fading palettes & handling user input, I still have to implement the sound code & bind the LUA interface to the code as i think I'll use that, at least for the dungeons scripting; Talking about scripts, some new Ruby ones will be needed to convert the original data into more suitable (and cleaner) formats.

There's a lot of decisions to make concerning the final shape of the game, i'll probably re-use the same gfx (with at least some small improvements as even the palettes aren't pleasing to the eye) and add some new ones for the towns & dungeons.

I don't want to use drop down menus like in the ST version as i think it wasn't really a fitting interface for such medieval fantasy context (I'd rather like something more "integrated" to the mood), I'm considering a more Japanese interface style too (to play the game with a joypad).

Dungeons should have a more closer view and scroll in the height directions (the older view only used as some auto mapping feature), that's clear for me, i didn't find the older view involving enough for the player.

I was also wondering about the sound scape like having ambient nature sound while being in the wilderness and steps sound and echoing, dripping water in dungeons etc. or just some contextual tunes playing in the background (or both ?), ambient sounds could help for the immersion but i fear the visual could be dwarfed by such "grand audio scheme" & would look a bit ridiculous.

Should it have a day/night cycle with obvious consequences on encounters like monsters strength lowered a bit (and night creatures not appearing) during broad daylight making the game a bit easier (the original one was rather tough especially for starting adventurers) ? I'd like to reproduce the original game play balance as close as possible while improving it whenever it's possible.

I haven't decided much yet and the moment to implement all these elements is far away from now anyway.

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