Sunday, 14 November 2010

More precision

I discovered that some of the values i thought were meaningless in twn2x files were in fact used to randomize the stock of items in towns (to simulate some market activity), so i updated the conversion script and file format description to reflect that.

I also noticed that i was saving approx. 100-140 bytes of extraneous data inside the NVRAM, so maybe there'll be enough room to save the player's progression on the wilderness map after all (which would be more satisfying)...

I had the time to complete the items using function (also the scrolls reading sequence) and started the spells casting part (the manual contains some errors about spells types and i changed some of them to have less restrictive use like VISION which will be usable in dungeons as well as in wilderness), i think i could publish a first preview with the towns part completed in about a week but i don't see much reason to rush it and do that yet, I'd rather wait until i have all parts completed and a more or less playable game before releasing any binary (unless someone's willing to beta test). This should probably take a couple of months to have everything implemented and put in order so stay tuned, at worst I'll release something if i feel a drop or loss of motivation.

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