Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Work in progress...

A quick report, I've been working on the towns and characters managements mechanisms and they're almost completed. The commands not implemented yet are: casting spells, giving or using items, buying or selling items to shops and burying dead characters, after that I'll be done with that big part of the engine.

Doing the parts of the game which interact with the data is relatively easy; Most of the work goes into figuring how to show the data on the screen or into the layout the various menus to make the interface intuitive enough, also each time i have to mess with the operating system API is a painful experience mainly due to cryptic documentation (thankfully that part is almost over as only the interrupt to drive the internal audio chip that I'll use for the SFX is left to be implemented, for the music I'll use CD tracks, which reminds me that I'll have to find someone willing to compose probably 6 of those soon enough).

I also modified/improved several parts of the original game design and behavior like the spells learning (a character will be able to learn several spells in one go) or the gold, experience points and characters "levelling" (which will be calculated after each combat like in Final Fantasy games).

There's still a lot of work to be done, 3 big parts remain: The tiled map system, The combat engine and The dungeons scripting (plus the minor game over and game winning parts), several months of work in sight i guess.

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